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The Best Restoration Process Available (Lasts 2-5 years):

When it comes to headlight restorations, the old adage "you get what you pay for" applies. Inexpensive restorations done using methods such as toothpaste, wipes, do-it-yourself kits and even most other "professional" restorations look tempting. The truth is they only restore parital clairity for a short time.

At Headlight Pro'z, we've taken the time to thoughly test and compare every method and DIY kit found. After extensive research and development we have created our own proprietary method that provides the best clarity and longer lasting results then our competitors. Although we'd love to offer a quick fix, the truth is it takes hard work to properly restore your headlights.
  • The Pro'z Restoration can take up to 1.5 hrs for a single worker to complete, depending on the existing condition of the headlights.

  • The entire front of vehicle is covered with a low tack protective film and work areas around the lights are double protected with reinforced tape.

  • We remove the old UV coating and buff the lenses clear.

  • During the final step we apply the best UV Coating available to your headlights. This is the same coating applied at the factory and will usually last 2-5 years depending on environmental conditions.


Bring Your Own Sweat:

Looking for a great DIY kit to restore your own headlights? The Headlight Pro'z DIY Kit is your best value.

The most complete kit available:
  • Only requires a drill and protective tape.

  • Includes sandpaper, microfiber towel, semi-gloss UV coating, applicator pad, spray bottle and more.

  • Detailed instructions include Pro'z tips and tricks to help ensure your headlights come out looking their best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: My headlights have moisture inside, can they still be restored?

    A: Yes, but we don't recommend it. If your headlights have moisture damage this typically indicates that the seal between the assembly and lense is worn. When this occurs we do suggest a replacement of the headlight assembly instead. The restoration will bring back clarity but in almost all cases the mositure will continue to bead up inside the lense making them still appear foggy.

    Q: What about cracking? I see what appears to be cracks in the lense, will your process remove these?

    A: Sometimes... a restoration will help improve the performance of your headlights and will remove many surface scratches but if the cracks are deeply embedded in the lense, they will not come out completely. If your goal is to have them looking brand new again, we would suggest a replacement. If you're looking for better performance and improved looks, then a restoration would still be a good option.

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